who needs a paddle...

when you have a thick coat

Sometimes the first step...

is the hardest one!


Nothing beats being on the beach

with the wind blowing through you......ears?

If you can't see clearly

then listen very hard.


Some days it's hard

to poke your nose out of the blankets

Take the time

and kiss a loved one on the cheek

Take Comfort

in layers

Just cute

the beard does it

Be Alert

You don't want to miss a thing

Sit up and take notice

Show interest by keeping eye contact at all times

Keep Your Friends Close

That way no one drops the ball

Explore Everything

You never know what the next step brings

Snuggle up

Even if he always falls asleep first

The easy life

The joys of boat ownership

think before you

jump - the water is full of shit that can pull you under

Safe Sex

Always put protection on your weiner

Play coy

While at the beach always wait to look back

Taking a bath

The best baths are taken in Natural tubs

The Grass is Always Greener

The grass is always greener just beyond your reach


Heineken The beer of choice

Have Fun

Spend at least part of the day in play

Puppy Love

Who could resist?


pet-a-phile? Or all older dogs sniffing after young butts?